RGDv1.6新功能样例 RGDv1.6 new feature example


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New feature demonstration: extended Audio feature, Live2D support, Spine support.



New feature guide (to be continued)

2 thoughts on “RGDv1.6新功能样例 RGDv1.6 new feature example

  1. azurezero

    it took me a while to get the LIVE2D functions working since there’s no documentation, but im having trouble, sometimes the game ignores set_motion
    and it also crashes after a few times changing rooms and resetting the model ( i dispose properly)

    took me 2 hours to figure out that you need to set motions as group names not motion_names.

    after spending 6 hours drawing and animating my L2d model its rather upsetting to have the game crash on me.

    1. invwindy Post author

      Hi! Thank you for your report!
      I will take a look when I have time (maybe after 1 or 2 months). Have you correctly set an “idle” motion in your Live2D file? This is necessary from what I know about the Live2D SDK.
      Please send a minimal project with your model to me if it is OK with you. I need some detailed information to debug this issue.


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